Travel Articles: 48 Hours in Portland & Summer Getaways

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Portland, OregonWe have added a Portland articles section to our site here. PDX Pipeline has also had a weekly article roundup since 2012. You can view them here.

Two additions this week are from The Independent out of UK and the Vegas Seven.

Portland travel tips: Where to go and what to see in 48 hours (

Oregon’s largest city has never quite been on the map for UK tourists; there are no direct flights and it’s often overshadowed by its near-neighbour Seattle. Yet it is frequently named one of the most habitable cities in the US, with a hip, bohemian vibe summed up by its unofficial slogan: “Keep Portland weird.” And what it lacks in headline attractions it makes up for with fantastic food, buzzing nightlife and access to the great outdoors. Read More here.


The Good Hang in Portland (

First things first: Don’t go there and expect to find Portlandia. Portland, Oregon, isn’t the city you’ve seen on the riotously funny Fred Armisen/Carrie Brownstein comedy; it is neither atavistic (the “Dream of the ’90s” is dead, son) nor inordinately weird (unless you’re kind of uptight and boring). It’s not New York with more hippies or San Francisco without hills. This charming Northwest river town, the “Rose City,” is something much more interesting than that: It is the antithesis of hot, sprawling, pedestrian-hostile Las Vegas in virtually every way. Read more here.


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