Portland is the Best Quality Travel and Tourism Destination in the U.S.

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Portland, Oregon
According to the newly released U.S Tourism Quality Performance Report produced by Resonance Consultancy, an international firm specializing in travel and tourism development, Portland is the best quality tourism destination in the country. The ranking is based on Resonance’s analysis of hundreds of thousands of ratings and reviews in social media channels to determine which U.S destinations offer the most very good and excellent experiences per 100,000 visitors.

The report analyzed the performance of 121 U.S. destinations in 17 different areas including lodging, culture, nightlife, shopping and outdoor activities – along with estimates of annual overnight visitors to each destination – to determine which ones offered the most very good or excellent experiences per visitor. Based on this analysis, the best quality destinations in the country are:

1.    Portland, OR
2.    Kauai, HI
3.    Los Angeles, CA
4.    New York, NY
5.    Maui, HI

Full article here.

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